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ParaZapper Customer comments

  • Frequencies: Dual vs Single Frequency vs Quad Frequency vs Multi Frequency?
    Honestly, the more frequencies the better the results that you can expect.
    Of course, more frequencies cost more.
    There are some single frequency zappers that claim to be the best.
    The truth is, if a single frequency could be even close to being best, then
    why would other companies go to the trouble of producing dual and quad frequencies?.
    Some people might want to claim sales gimmicks, but that literally is not true. Shooting
    at something once might hit or it might miss. Perhaps that is why six-shooter revolvers
    were invented. The truth is that dual frequencies offer more effectiveness that single frequencies.
    Quad frequency zappers are even better, if they have all of the other important features.
    Eight or more frequencies can produce even better results.
    The best zapper will have more of the frequencies needed to do the job.

    As an analogy, would you rather have a 1 cylinder lawn mower engine in your car?
    A two culinder? Four cylinders?, Six cylinders? OR more?

    ParaZapper CC1 has a total of 9 frequencies in 4 ranges with good accuracy.

    ParaZapper UZI has a total of 23 frequencies in 6 ranges with better accuracy.

  • Accurate Frequencies: Dr. Hulda Clark claimed that any frequency would work
    and to a degree, she was right. Some frequencies, however, are much better
    than others. Royal Raymond Rife's machine preceded Dr. Clark's zapper by many years and was far superior in many respects. While the Clark zapper provides a basic coverage with good but minimal effects, the use of Rife frequencies and technology far exceedes the Clark zapper. But in order for these frequencies to have their maximum effect, they must be very close to the exact frequency. This is another place where micro-controller
    based zappers are better.
    The best zapper will have more of the accurate frequencies to do the job.

  • Stabilized output All of our zappers have a limited form of this for technical and safety reasons. While one zapper maker claims that this is great, we do not see any significant gains. From our testing results, it does not produce significantly better results. Additionally, any zapper with the super stabilized output does not meet Dr. Clark's requirement for positive output or for having no negative pulses. In our opinion, the super stabilized output is only hype and is only promoted by one manufacturer. Another problem with the super stabilized zapper is the absence of the output resistance as required by Dr. Clark. This basically results in an uncontrolled output that may cause nerve damage. For this reason, the super stabilized output does not meet Dr. Clark's requirements. A better, safer output that meets Dr. Clark's requirements is the CC ( constant current or current controlled ) output which is found only on the best zappers. One advantage of Stabilized Output is feeling. Zappers using this technology feel stronger, thus increasing the placebo effect. The best zapper will NOT have Super Stabilized Output. Read about testimonials below.

    ParaZapper CCa, ParaZapper CC1 and ParaZapper UZI all offer CC technology on their outputs.

  • Sweep Frequency will change the frequency up or down over a period of time in order to try to achieve the right frequency needed. The real problem is that unless this process lasts for hours, the right frequency will not be kept on long enough to be completely effective. Great in theory, but it does not produce real lasting results.

  • Positive offset as specified by Dr. Clark is included in almost every zapper, and is definitely in all of our products. Even better is the more advanced technology, pedestal offset, which provides a higher, more stabile positive offset of 0.5 volts instead of 0.25 volts. Note that Super Stabilized Output Zappers do not have true positive offset!

    ParaZapper UZI offers pedestal offset technology on its output.

    The best zapper will have Pedestal Offset or at least Positive offset which Super Stabilized Output does not have.

  • Faster Zapping - Many if not almost all currently manufactured zappers produce faster and better results than the original Clark Zapper, and many manufacturers claim that theirs produces results in 1 minute or 2 minutes, vs 7 minutes, or longer. The truth about this is that they may produce some noticeable results in a short time as ours do. The problem that we found in these studies is that when these zappers are used for this short of a period, the results are not as long lasting as they would be if they were used longer. Truth be told, it takes a while for problems to develope and while we would like an instant result, it is not wise to expect this. It is also wise to take testimonials with more than a grain of salt.

  • Testimonials are actually easy to come by for zappers even cheap zappers can produce some good results. The fact is that most zapper makers have sold between 10,000 and 100,000 zappers, some have sold many more. If a zapper producer sold only 10,000 zappers and only 1 person out of 100 had real good results, they would have 100 great testimonials. Having lots of testimonials produces more sales and also produces more testimonials. Selling 30,000 zappers with only 1 percent reporting success gives wow !!! 300 testimonials. While we had hundreds of testimonials, we went further and reported actual statistics. These were so impressive that the FDA made us remove them from our site.

  • Long battery life: Sorry, some companies sacrifice effectiveness in order to conserve battery power. A standard 9-volt battery provides about 150 mAh. If your zapper last 150 hours of usage, then you can only get 1 mA of current. That is not enough! For ideal effectiveness, a minimum of 2 to 4 mA is a good value, more is better up to a limit. Our zappers provide the maximum battery life that can be obtained without sacrificing current. Buying a low power zapper to save a few dollers worth of batteries does not make sense when effectiveness is sacrificed.

    As an analogy, a 100 mpg automobile would be great, but it might not be able to climb a very steep hill.

  • Better Zapper Made in the USA of high quality parts. Many zappers are made with hand wired boards that are not rugged or do not last. Also, many other zappers do not have their circuit boards secured inside of the case but leasving them to flop around.
    Our zappers are ruggedly built using high quality surface mount components.
    Our circuit boards are securely anchored inside of the case.

  • Connections make a big difference. Some companies hardwire their electrodes or use cheap audio connectors. This reduces both flexibility and reliability. Always make sure that the zapper you buy has industry standard "Banana Jacks and Plugs" whch allows the use of many industry standard electrodes and devices. Banana plugs provide solid wire connections, no flimsy / clunky alligator clips to slip off, break, or corrode.

  • Good Connection Indicators let you know that your zapper is successfully applying a good signal. In ParaZapper products, the status Indicator will change color based on the level of output that is being applied. The better the connection, the more red it becomes.

  • Multiple contacts can definitely produce better results than using just 2 contact points, provided that there is only one negative of ground point. Using Augmentation pads to provide 3 positive points can provide a better all-over signal and reach places that would not be reached otherwise. Note that using more contacts suggest a need for a stronger zapper.

  • Larger Contacts can provide a greater amount of electrical signal to produce greater effectiveness than would be achieved with smaller contacts. All other things being equal, a 3/4 inch round pipe handle provides greater signal transfer than a penny size contact. A penny produces less than 1/2 inch square of contact area while a 4 inch piece of 3/4 pipe can provide up to 8 square inches of contact. Copper pads that are 9 inch by 4 inch average will provide about 20 to 30 square inches. Note that more contact area suggests a need for a stronger zapper.

  • Timers may be convenient, but they do not necessarily provide the best results. Sometimes, 10 minutes on will produce better results than 7 minutes. Varying the rest period can also improve the results. If you get one with a timer, make certain that you have flexibility in your zappers timing.

  • Wrist straps of any kind, while convenient, are less effective. Also, wrist straps that claim to have fibers embedded into the elastic band are less effective than the ones that use metal plates. Metal electrodes that provide at least 5 inches square of contact are important to overall effectiveness and to reducing burns. More contact area and more positive contact points produces best results.

  • Electricity from the wall power can be dangerous. Most wall adapters do not have the level of safety that should be used when the possible loss of life or injury is taken into consideration. Some zapper producers will provide these but we consider your safety to be much more important than extra profit. While these producers will likely tell you that they have never had anything happen, a dead person can not complain. Also, there have been complaints of shocks and of neural damage from too strong of an electrical signal produced from some of those zappers. Please do not use any zappers that come with a wall adapter. I do not want you to be the first reported incident. There is one exception, and that is if the adaptor is plainly marked as in compliance with IEC-60601 standards for human safety. These are expensive.

  • Conductive rubber pads of any kind such as those for TENS units, while convenient, are less effective because they show a much higher resistance.

  • 100 percent positive output? Nothing but hype. Just touching a 9 volt battery will give you this. Only a couple of manufacturers claim this is better, but ask them for research to prove it. Additionally, their claim is based on inaccurate information and a lack of technical knowlege. We could easily provide the same output, but we do not see any improved results.

  • How long to zap and how frequently Our research shows that in general, the longer the zapper is used and the more frequently it is used, the faster and better results will appear.

  • Customer support is very important. Is there a number that you can call for assistance? We provide a toll free number for daytime support and will often, but not always, answer after hours. We provide top quality customer support, 30 day money back policy, and a 5 year parts and labor factory service warranty.

  • Any technology that is an improvement in effectiveness will be included in our products. If they claim that their technology is better, then have them compare it to the Best Zappers available, ParaZapper CCa, ParaZapper CC1, or to ParaZapper UZI in a real scientific study run by an independant third party. Note that a study is not an opinion presented by one individual as some competitors claim.

    It is no wonder that competitors compare their zappers to our cheaper models, but none of them compare theirs to our ParaZapper CCa, ParaZapper CC1, or to ParaZapper UZI.

  • As a last note: and this is important. Zappers are not a cure all and do not always work as well as we would like them to. If your zapper has not produced noticeable results within 30 days, call the producer and discuss it with them. If they can not provide a resolution, ask to return it.

Selecting your Zapper

Dollar for dollar, ParaZapper UZI offers the best combination
of power, effectiveness, and functionality of any zapper available.

Option Desirability pz10020
Multiple Frequency Very Important, Number of frequencies shown: 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 9 9 23 23
Accurate Frequencies Very Important, More accurate = consistancy:
+/- 7 +/- 7 +/- 1 +/- 1 +/- 7 +/- 7 +/- 7 +/- 0.25 +/- 0.25 +/- 0.20 +/- 0.20
Rife frequencies Very Important, Rife frequencies are rated as better: No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Copper Paddles Very Important, good signal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wrist straps Less useful, poor contact No Yes No Yes No Yes No No No No No
Standard foot size pads useful in place of paddles Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt
Augmentation pads Very helpful, extra contact, better results Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Yes Yes Opt Yes Opt Yes
Low Battery Indicator helpful No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tri-color status indicator helpful, positive indication of operation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Positive offset helpful, positive indication of operation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stabilized Output slight signal boost Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Current Control helpful, adjust to personal settings No No No No Yes Yes Yes Note 2 Note 2 Note 3 Note 3
Automatic cycling Automatic frequency change within a range No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Rest Period Automatic 20 minute rest periods between cycles
Not recommended
No No No No No No No No No No No
Automatic Shutoff Not desirable, can not vary program No No No No No No No No No No No
Spread Spectrum Questionable, not enough time at a frequency No No No No No No No No No No No
Swept frequency Questionable, not enough time at a frequency No No No No No No No No No No No
Distince specific frequency Allows Specific frequencies to run for sufficient time No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Keys Expensive, 100's at $15-25 each = $1000's No No No No No No No No No No No
Touch zappers Questionable, not enough contact, poor signal No No No No No No No No No No No
Note 1: Standard foot size pads need 1 additional green wire.
Note 2: ParaZapper™ CC1 has a fixed current control output for maximum effectiveness.
Note 3: ParaZapper™ UZI has a fixed current control output for maximum effectiveness.


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